This page is a portfolio of some digital compositions that I have created. While I believe it is important to make the best first impression possible, I also believe as a composition teacher that our first effort is rarely our best. With these three artifacts I have included links to the first drafts and then also links to the revised versions since I feel it is important to comment on and reflect on the composition process. Because after all, if we fail to publicly reflect on the trials of the learning process, then our hard effort benefits only us and no one else.

These first two pieces are videos I created of my wedding day. For the first video I used Animoto. Some of my thoughts on the composing process for this project are written here.

Animoto Video:


Wedding Video made in iMovie:


This link is to a couple podcasts that I created. I had to host them on another website since WordPress didn’t like the file types I was trying to upload. A short reflection on the creation of these two podcasts can be found on the same page.


These next two links are to the videos I made about a near death experience I had when I was 21. The second draft of Overboard! is the biggest, most involved piece of digital composition I have created to date, and I am very proud of it. Some thoughts on the process of composing this piece can be found here.

Overboard! (1st Draft):


Overboard! (2nd Draft):



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