For our first composing assignment in 725 I was partnered with Julie Morris and we were assigned to create a podcast that would convey some of our thoughts on digital writing. Rather than create two podcasts, one showcasing Julie’s thoughts and one showcasing my own, we recorded one conversation between the two of us using an audio recording application on my phone and that served as our podcast. In our conversation we started by discussing digital writing briefly but then quickly segued into Facebook and the ways in which teachers and students interact on it. While we agreed that Facebook is a form of digital writing, we both agreed that it is not the ideal platform for students to use to fully experience what digital writing entails. We concluded our conversation about digital writing by discussing what kinds of digital writing outside of Facebook that we would like to get our students to engage in. We agreed that it would be writing that would require students to engage with ideas that stand outside their typical, social quotidian lives.

When we described to Dr. Franklin what we had created (our recording was approximately 14 minutes long) she encouraged us to pair it down some. I think that I will omit some of the discussion of Facebook in the interest of keeping our podcast more relevant to the topic of digital writing and its purpose in the classroom.


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