So this weekend I went to the Write to Learn conference at Tantara.  Probably one of the very best conference experiences I have ever had.  I have a lot to think and talk about.  Too much.  My head feels full.  I have the urge to sit on it, to take a mental rest, but truthfully, I was engaged to the point that I’ve returned to some of it tonight.  But there is a lot here to engage with on my own time.  Too much.


Here are a couple gems I discovered through the sessions:

  • This is a musician, Fredo Viola.  He made this website to share his music.  But the website itself is art too.  Start with the brown hexagon.

  • This link is to a project called Visualizing Meaning.  All Cornell staff members were asked to reproduce a chart, table, graph, or just visual display of information that they found to be formative.  Many of these professors are submitting charts and graphs focusing on rising population rates and climate change.  Academics using their language skills.  The subtext though is, “We are afraid.”

The theme of the conference was new digital literacies.  Digital literacy–it would seem to these people–means visual displays of content.  Yes.  I agree and I don’t.  So much to talk about right now.


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  1. Aaron Says:

    If you’re into infographics (or the visual display of quantitative information) I highly recommend…

    But yeah, digital literacy isn’t the phrase I would pick, since charts and maps have been around a lot longer than the CPU.

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